The high-precision solid-liquid dual purpose density meter tests the density of skincare products, and the effect is visible.

Mr. Chen, the client, is engaged in the research and production of skincare products. As we all know, making a skincare product requires multiple tests to determine the quality of the product, one of which includes density testing. Therefore, Mr. Chen is looking for a testing instrument that can test the density of skincare products. The skincare products that need to be tested include liquid and cream forms. We have arranged to send some samples to see if our instrument testing is accurate.
Three kinds of samples are received from customers. One is a liquid with high fluidity (similar to water), the other is a liquid with slightly lower fluidity (similar to oil), and the other is a paste (similar to sleeping facial mask). The three samples are transparent, so whether there are bubbles can be found at a glance. Because bubbles in the sample will affect the test results, it is better to eliminate the bubbles before testing. Alright, let's take a look at how to test its density.
Firstly, we need to understand which machine model is suitable for testing based on the characteristics of the sample. Generally, liquid mode testing can be used to test flowability liquids, while solid mode testing can be used for semi solid paste without flowability; So we need an instrument that can test both solid and liquid density.
Select Dahong Meituo high-precision solid-liquid dual purpose density tester for testing
Test principle: Archimedes principle (buoyancy principle)
Operation method:
①.  Paste measurement: First install the solid measurement accessories, calibrate the weight and compensate for the temperature. Place a plastic plate or glass cup of the same weight on the water basket and the measurement frame, press the zero key to clear the weight. Then take a few grams of sample and press the enter key to record the weight in air. Then, place it in water and record the weight in water. The instrument screen displays the density value. Press the enter button again to enter the test mode.
②.  Liquid measurement: After replacing with liquid measurement accessories, weight calibration and temperature compensation, pour 50ml of sample into a beaker and place it in the center of the measurement placement plate. Hook the glass weight and hang it in the liquid. Press the enter key to display the density value. Press the enter button again to enter the test mode. After the beaker is cleaned, you can continue testing other samples.
Test results: The repeatability of each sample tested 2-3 times is very good.
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