We promise:
1. For the products selected by customers, Hongtuo can first provide sample testing reports and machine suitability evaluation reports to select the most suitable product for customers.
2. Hongtuo will assign professional and technical personnel to provide free on-site services to customers who require on-site installation of machines and training.
3. All products sold by the company (excluding consumables) are guaranteed free of charge for three years and have lifelong maintenance in case of damage caused by non human error or other human factors. (Special products shall be executed according to the provisions of the sales contract)
4. After detecting the condition of faults or damages that exceed the warranty period or do not meet the warranty scope, the company will provide a reasonable repair cost quotation to the customer based on the difficulty and cost of the repair. With the customer's consent, the repair department will repair and improve the customer as quickly as possible.
5. Hongtuo's after-sales service personnel will regularly conduct follow-up visits to customers and provide free guidance and answers to any doubts or difficulties they may encounter during the use process.
6. For all repair services (upon seeing the prototype), we will provide a repair plan within 1 hour and complete the repair within 24 hours.
7. For situations where major repairs are required that affect customer production operations, we will provide free prototypes for customer use until the machine repair is completed.
8. 24-hour after-sales service hotline: +86 0769-83266379