How to test the density of paste like objects?

How to test the density of paste like objects? Firstly, let's understand what creamy objects include, such as toothpaste, facial cleansers, hair masks, moisturizers, hand creams, snow cream, and so on, which are all considered creamy objects in our daily lives; So how to test the density of objects like this? Let's take a look:
Instruments and related accessories required: One DH-300X solid liquid dual purpose density tester, two plastic sheets of equal weight (other sheets can also be used)
Operating steps:
1. Place one plastic piece in the instrument sink basket and the other piece on the measuring rack. Press the zero key to remove the weight;
2. Take a sample of around 5-10g and place it on a plastic board. Press the enter key to remember the weight of the sample in air;
3. Place the sample in water again, remove and dry the plastic sheet previously placed in the water, and place it on the measuring rack. Press the enter key to remember the weight of the sample in water; Subsequently, the instrument automatically displays the density value of the sample.
Usually, when testing skincare products, in addition to testing creamy objects, liquids are also tested. Therefore, it is recommended to use this model for both solid and liquid applications. If only testing creams, DH-300 or DE-120 models can also be used.
Recently, a customer has sent cream like samples for testing, including three types of samples: massage cream, hand cream, and hand gel; Each sample was tested three times with different weights, and the results of the hand cream and hand gel were the same three times. The results of the massage cream were the same twice, with a difference of 0.002 in one test. However, within the error range, it can be seen that the performance of the Dahometer Dahong Meituo density meter is stable and has good testing repeatability, making it a worthwhile product to acquire. The following are the results of our technical personnel's testing for reference.

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