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Glow Wire Tester HT-5169T-L



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This test instrument is mainly used for electrical and electronic components or parts under fault or overload conditions, may reach too high temperature or ignite parts near them, glow wire test simulates hot elements or hot elements such as overload resistors or ignition sources caused the thermal stress in a short time.used to evaluate the fire hazard by analog technology. It is applicable to plastic and non-metal insulating materials such as switch housings , relay sockets for electrical and electronic products, components and household appliances.



The tester is automated in the control system. After starting, the trolley with the sample will automatically run the sample to the glow wire. After the set hot time, it will automatically return. The interior is black background with ventilation and lighting. Time,temperature digital displaying, easy to observe records.






1) Volume inside the box: ≥0.5 cubic meters, with glass observation door

2) Illumination in the box: less than 20LUX

3) Glow wire temperature: Normal temperature ~ 1050 °C Adjustable,

4) Thermocouple: Ø1mm nickel-chromium armor (K type) imported thermocouple

5) Temperature tolerance: 500 ~ 750 °C ± 5 °C; 750 ~ 960 °C ± 10 °C

6) The force applied by the glow wire to the sample: 1.0 ± 0.2N, and the penetration depth is limited to 7mm ± 0.5mm

7) Glow wire: Glow wire is a standard size ring made of 4mm diameter nickel/chromium (80/20) wire; the diameter of the glow wire before it is bent is 4.0 +/- 0.04mm, after bending Reduced to 90%, other sizes are produced according to the error requirements of the standard requirements;

8) The moving speed of the top of the glow wire near and leaving the sample: 10mm / s - 25mm / s;

9) Timer: 0 ~ 99 minutes 99 seconds adjustable, accuracy: ± 1 second hot time (Ta) can be set, light-off duration (Ti) and flame-off time (Te) can be recorded

10) Power supply: AC 220V/50Hz



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