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Sealing Tester DH-LT-01


LT01 Leak Tester can be used for soft packaging sealing testing in food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical, electronics and other industry. By testing, the sealing process and performance can be ef- fectively compared and evaluated, providing scientific basis for determining relevant technical specifi- cations. The LT-01 Leak Tester can be also used for sealing performance tests after falling and com- pressing testing.


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LT01 Leak Tester can be used for soft packaging sealing testing in food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical, electronics and other industry. By testing, the sealing process and performance can be ef- fectively compared and evaluated, providing scientific basis for determining relevant technical specifi- cations. The LT-01 Leak Tester can be also used for sealing performance tests after falling and com- pressing testing.


No power supply needed

Stable performance of testing system

Ultra thick Plexiglas vacuum chamber

Non - standard vacuum chamber sizes can be customized

No vacuum pump needed

Friendly operation and easy maintaining

Vacuum level : Class 1

Parameters: Vacuum degree:0-90Kpa Vacuum chamber size:270 mmx210 mm (H) (Standard size) 360 mmx585mm (H)(optional) 460 mmx330mm (H)(optional) Machine size:300mm(L)*380mm(W)*500mm(H) Air source:air compressor Air pressure:0.7MPa(air source should be prepared by customers) Weight:15KG Standards: YBB00052005,GB/T 15171,GB/T27728-2011,ASTM D3078,YBB00122002



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